Hobbyist EN programmeur gezocht voor superleuk Project. $of€

Als U een gezamenlijk project wil starten of aan projecten van anderen mee wilt werken.
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Hobbyist EN programmeur gezocht voor superleuk Project. $of€

Berichtdoor romalomey » 06 Okt 2019, 20:25

Goedemiddag Arduino specialisten+hobbyisten !

What do we look for:
Looking for Experienced hobbyists or professionals.
We do have an internal programmer but he is simply too busy now.
So we are looking for a cost effective alternative.
It is urgent, prefer to start today/tomorrow.

Due to time difference we prefer you living in the time zone Europe or USA.
If you live in the east of Holland(region Doetinchem) this would be a plus, but not needed.
If you live in Colombia region Caldas/Manizales this would also be a plus, but not needed.

We performance test multiple dev-boards and mcu's and therefore need simple test programs.
If you results are good, you get the order to make bigger programs.


1. OBD2 project now based on the arduino teensy 3.6.
-->Our basic program already works perfectly<--
It is a CAN-bus to USB-serial converter.
It reads massive amounts of messages from CAN-bus, and converts these to serial format, and sends out these bytes to USB.

"Add-on" project nr1:
We need a build-in virtual delay, which holds the massive amount of can-messages for 100msec, (in example a FIFO buffer) before sending out to USB-serial.
(update: FINISHED)

"Add-on" project nr2:
Filter the messages on the can-bus. If one of the messages contains the value "xxx" then send can-message "ABCD"

"Add-on" project nr3:
Expansion of project nr2:

2. OBD2 project based on the ESP32(which has CAN/BLE/WiFi
We have received a CAN library and simple CAN-to-wifi program that works
Need help producing an adequate test program to see the limits of this MCU.
The functionality should be identical to project 1 which already works and is fully tested.
We want to send 3 CAN messages per millisecond from CAN-bus ---> Wifi ---> Android phone --->4g t---> online server.

It would help if you can make the app for android too.
It would help if you have experience with BLE, so we can test WiFi+BLE.

Please Arduino enthusiasts, send PM a.s.a.p if you think you can be of any value to this awesome projects!


3. This is for the C++ specialist. Maybe wrong forum, but we can try.
We have a fully functional IP-tunnel which send messages from A to B.
The IP tunnel needs a nice GUI, some extra features as "reconnect" when connection is lost.
If this works out the program must be professionalized with i.e multi user connect, payment features etc etc


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