a little about me and my hobby)

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a little about me and my hobby)

Berichtdoor trinetey » 19 Feb 2018, 09:57

Greetings to all!)

I want to tell a little about myself and what I do.
I am an engineer with more than 8 years of experience. But already 3 years apart from engineering I have another passion - I build escape rooms :D

Creating escape rooms is a very creative activity, during which I do such things:
1) All the necessary electronics for the quest. Development and implementation of puzzles. Riddles undergo multiple testing to improve the reliability of their operation :ugeek:
2) Development of a design project and its full implementation;
3) Production of thematic decorations and realistic props;
4) Writing a unique script for the needs of the customer. The script can be written as for a person who plans to do escape room business. And so that using the real escape game wants to promote its core business;
5) Сreating a unique musical accompaniment.

I invite everyone to visit my site https://super-escape-room.com/ for a more complete idea of what I'm doing. I have detailed stories about ready-made works there)

And a little photo with my puzzles from this stories;) :


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